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 Custom Content


Posiview understands that the learning needs vary from company to company and the learning itself varies from employee to employee. Coming from different...

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Game Based

Game Based

Posiview believes that use of gaming strategy should be done judiciously. Gamification and Game based learning should not be used just as a trendy tool and applied...

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Falsh To Html5

Flash to

Posiview has worked on a number of Flash to HTML5 conversion projects. Global Workplace Analytics report found that employees are not at their...

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Rapid Development


Posiview respects the client needs, timeline and urgency for delivery of any eLearning project. Rapid development requirement may primarily...

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Welcome To Posiview Technologies

Posiview Technologies is one of the fastest growing eLearning and Digital Publishing Company

We cater to the companies in Finance, Health, Automobile, Information Technology, Educational sector and work closely with their L&D, Marketing, Technical Training, HR Team to meet their learning needs. View More

Our Team

Mahesh Kokadwar

Our Blog

Project Planning – Key to Projects’ Success

Success or failure of a project largely depends on its planning. A good detailed project plan can successfully drive a complex project to completion and a bad unclear project plan can even cause the simplest of projects to fail.

Revisiting eLearning

I belong to that generation where I witnessed the transition from reading a novel out of a book to reading it from an iPad or Kindle. And it was not a step by step gradual process but its influx was with a big bang.

Time: A Priceless Resource

“The trouble is you think you have time.” –Lord Buddha. And we tend to waste it. We waste it in the most ruthless manner. We waste it mercilessly.