Automotive learning can leverage Virtual Reality and Simulation technology

Posiview Technologies team has partnered with VR experts to convert our Instructional Design created eLearning concepts into Virtual Reality.

Our customized elearning solution enriches the knowledge and skill of the service engineers which will result in customer satisfaction and
positive client experience. This will in turn help to spread a favourable feedback in the market and boost sales.

Automobile industry is growing at a very fast pace in both the domestic and global sector. With globalization, lot of automobile products are being sold across the border which has pressed the manufacturer to provide training to its technicians for giving service and support to the technicians in the countries where the product is sold.

Being a product industry, sales and service plays a very important role. Also, stiff competition in the automobile sector has put a lot of pressure on sales team to meet the targets. After the sale is made, service plays a very important role in making sure that the customer is satisfied. The customer is bound to buy more than one product if he is satisfied or else he can shift to another manufacturer.

We backup the sales team of automobile conglomerates by providing product training, sales training and soft skills training.

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The automobile industry has spread all over the domestic as well as international market. As their employees have spread across the larger part of the globe, planning a training program at a central location is difficult. Challenges faced by the automobile sector in training its team in sales and service are:

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As the training is related to machines, only classroom training is not sufficient. It has to be bundled with practical training.

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For practical training purposes, all spare parts, cross sections and related tools have to be made available at all training centres.

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Along with product training which is common for sales and service team, soft skills training need to be imparted as both the teams interact with clients.

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As the products are also sold across the globe, training their team in local language is very expensive.

Posiview has designed various solutions for the automobile sector and can leverage the power of eLearning and internet to overcome the challenges mentioned above.

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We can create customized eLearning courses and launch it on LMS to make it available to all employees across the globe.

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M-learning is used for training the sales team on the various aspects of product features and is a tool for sales support. Extract of the training can also be used for social marketing.

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All the e-Learning courses can be localized so that it can be accessed and used by its employees across the globe. It will be a one-time expense to create the course and rest of the expenses will be for translation and localization.

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Courses can incorporate 3D animation and simulation so as to help service engineers to reduce the time required for classroom based practical training.

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Trouble shooting guide or a ready reckoner can be created using eLearning and multimedia tools for solving various technical issues in the vehicle as well as solving critical issues. mLearning version can be accessed from any location over the internet.

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Common soft skill e-Learning courses can be created for all its employees in the sales and service sector. These courses can be accessed over the internet and on smart phones, for example, course on Time Management, Communication Skills, Decision Making, Effective Customer Service etc.

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