eLearning can influence the human mind to adapt and adopt to bring the desired change

Posiview Technologies believe that change begins at the individual level
which ultimately gets reflected in the organizational culture.

Training and development plans prescribed typically target hard and soft skills. Change begins by modifying the hard and soft skills of an organization and its people.

Today, Human Resources Development team is brimming with activity and play a pivotal role in an organization’s overall growth.

Our Hard skills courses on the HR policies, organization protocols, data security and our Soft skills courses related to interpersonal skills, social skills, communication skills, traits and personality, organizational culture, and others enable people to effectively navigate through their work environment, increases cohesiveness amongst the workforce and helps in organizational growth.

Ongoing employee engagement and accurate execution of training & development plans helps in building a strong and united team.

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If HR training is monotonous or rigid, it will have a negative impact and attention span will be sparingly low leading to employee disengagement.

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To stay ahead in competition employees should have the adequate skill sets and knowledge.

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Flexible and persuasive HR training is very essential for employee engagement

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Non engaging e-Learning courses makes training futile, time consuming, impacts employee engagement and, hinders the growth of your company.

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The employee should be motivated enough to take time out and attend the training sessions.

Human Resource team needs to focus on resource development, job training, leadership training and skill updation that will help in creating and building an efficient team.

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We create hard skill, soft skill and customized courses using latest techniques like Gamification, Game Based learning to make the learning experience more effective, impactful and engaging.

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Our courses can run on desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet and they are responsive as well as interactive. Thus the employees can take up the courses as per their convenience from any location.

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HR team and the Team Managers can easily enroll students in training courses, track progress, and measure the outcome. This aides in the professional growth of an employee.

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Our team of Instructional Designers interacts with the HR team, as well as department managers and other mentors, to create training content that is very relevant, interactive, engaging and up to date.

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