Mobile enabled learning solutions that are scalable and responsive

Posiview Technologies' mLearning solutions are LMS compatible that can be easily integrated into existing LMS.

We deliver insightful solutions for tablets and smart phones across commonly used platforms such as
Android, BlackBerry, iOS platforms, using technologies like HTML5 and Rapid Authoring tools.

Mobile Learning - mLearning

Posiview realises that imparting classroom training to the client’s sales and technical team that works in the field is a big challenge and an extravagant procedure.

At the same time, for the sales people to attend a training at the training centre may prove to be disadvantageous for them since they will not get to meet their customers during that time which might lead to a risk of losing out on potential business. Mobile learning is a boon, as it provides easy access to learning anyplace, anytime.

Posiview works on creating special learning strategy and course design for the client’s sales and technical force that works in the field. mLearning or mobile learning is becoming the most popular and effective channel to deliver eLearning to these team members.

Game Based Learning

Posiview works on a special design strategy for mLearning:


The course is designed to make it engaging as well as to motivate the learner to complete it even when in the field, during spare time, in between meetings or after office hours.

Lower Connectivity

The design is responsive to work on different screen resolution of smart phones so that learning is effective.

Responsive image

Graphic elements are optimized without compromising on creativity, so that the content flows seamlessly on mobile even at lower connectivity.

Small Image

The course is delivered in form of small size nuggets of 20 to 30 minutes to keep up learning engagement and runs seamlessly.

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