Time: A Priceless Resource

“The trouble is you think you have time.”  –Lord Buddha.

And we tend to waste it. We waste it in the most ruthless manner. We waste it mercilessly.
In the face of cut-throat competition, we wish to be the shining star in the market but do not understand the value of this precious resource: TIME.

Many of us are so good with our finances but then why do we fail to acknowledge the gravity of ‘time’ and misuse it? Is it because of our general lackadaisical attitude or because it comes free of cost? Did it ever cross your mind that whatever you receive free of cost comes without any warranty period?
Even before you start cherishing it, it will be gone for good.

In the age of globalization, there is this constant urge to be the best amongst all. Factories are equipped with state of the art machinery; laboratories with sophisticated equipments and companies have the latest software installed to enhance performance and bring out the best out of its workforce.

Even technology with time will succumb to wear and tear. Technology that is new today will be declared old-fashioned tomorrow; a much sought after software today will become outdated tomorrow. With the significant development of science and technology all across the globe, we need to make optimum use of what we have today, for tomorrow it will cease to exist. It is imperative to understand the pivotal role time plays in the optimal management of technology.

Again, there is a specific timeframe or deadline attached to tasks that must be adhered to. For most advantageous utilization of time, each day at work has to be planned keeping in mind the tasks that need to be accomplished during the limited time span. The earlier we realize the fleeting nature of time we can handle time wisely and be more productive. Proper utilization of time can only be possible from rigorous self-management and self- discipline.

Each day is different for each individual. For some, there are deadlines to be met, for another there could be a medical emergency that needs to be taken care of and to yet another, it could be a red letter day of some sort. Since it is not feasible to predict the future we can to the best of our knowledge, organize ourselves and plan our day from ahead. This will enable us to gear ourselves better to face challenges that might just saunter in.

Time management and self management go hand in hand. There can be nothing more satisfying than a day well spent. It is futile to run after time. Lost minutes, hours and days cannot be bought back with a dime or a million dollars; the penalty we have to pay for lost time is heavy. Time is priceless and the most expensive resource we have at hand. We need to respect it and master the art to control time.


Revisiting eLearning

I belong to that generation where I witnessed the transition from reading a novel out of a book to reading it from an iPad or Kindle. And it was not a step by step gradual process but its influx was with a big bang. This is not a sudden realization that dawned upon my mind one fine day but rather an honest confession of a mind who loves to read, learns and researches a lot on a daily basis.

The pleasure from reading out of a book can never be substituted by anything else. Being an avid reader, I agree to that. BUT, it is not possible to plan life situations every time as per our will.

With the availability of online books, one can have access to anything they are looking for in the most trying times. A student appearing for competitive exams might need to look up formulae and he is unable to find his Class IX mathematics text book! A click on his laptop or a quick search will do all the wonders; an entire module will be up on the screen.

An adult might need to brush up his English language skills and the book store may be out of Wren and Martin. Well, today the information is all available at his fingertips.

A new employee might need to look up something in a jiffy or be educated on a new subject; with the click of one button he will have a plethora of information available to him online.

This is where the concept of ‘eLearning’ and ‘learn on the go’ makes an entry in style. Both are synonymous to each other.

The thirst for knowledge of a working professional can be met if he has access to smart phones, tablets, laptops and the like. He can plan his learning schedule as per his convenience. The visuals along with the online tutorials can provide a sense of gratification to anyone not being able to attend a classroom lecture but has access to the internet. Moreover a company might find it cumbersome and cost intensive to organize training sessions at an Institute located further away from the workplace. There can be chances for the on the field sales people to lose out on potential business as they will be missing out interacting with their clients during those days. A simpler and pragmatic form would be to guide them through an online course which the sales team members can look through at ease and educate themselves on, without putting their work in jeopardy.

In short, with rampant globalization and proliferation of transborder data flow, eLearning is a boon. The world today has been transformed to what Marshall McLuhan says a ‘global village’. He need not restrict himself to information imparted by subject matter experts from his own country but can view informative sessions from experts all over the globe and can choose topics pertaining to his area of interest or need. The interconnectivity and overflow of information are sure to quench the thirst of an eager learner.